Fundraising for Causes

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The following video recordings/Pictures show the most recent causes in the poor societies. As a nonprofit organization, our aim is to connect poor individuals such as teachers who dedicated their times to teach others or an entrepreneur with you to donate/sponsor their initial projects/initiatives. By donating/sponsoring one of the following individuals, you are taking your active part in the development of your society. Your donation/sponsorship may help them start/continue their businesses/good work and through that, they would be able to support their families financially and open a space to attract other entrepreneurs/dedicated individuals and job seekers to work with them in the future. This way, we would be able to achieve our larger goal of eliminating poverty in the world. Thank you for your help in advance for donation/sponsorship.

Help us Continue Feed poor labors

In this video, orphans, poor, and labors are invited in free lunch party. Help us to continue these parties to combat poverty.

Sponsor an orphan kid to study

In this video an orphan kid is requesting to help her continue her education, buy her stationary for the rest of her journey to school.

Help an Female Entrepreneur

In this video a craft women knows how to craft socks, caps, and sweaters. She needs an initial investment to take a start and support her family.

Help her for an intitial investment

In this video a craft women knows how to produce socks, caps, design cloths, and more. She needs an initial investment to take a start.

Built Tuition Free School

Two female teachers dedicated their time and space for kids to teach them for free. To continue their work, they need your financial support.

Buy or Help me to to sell my products

I know how to craft various designs on cloths and produce clothing products. I am requesting for your help to rent a storefront to sell my products.