Language and Computer Learning

Language and Computer Learning

WATAPUR HSO (Human Services Organization) is committed to providing language learning training and computer courses within the refugee and Afghan community in Illinois. Our focus languages are Pashto, Dari, and English. We teach Pashto and Dari to Afghan children and youth who were born and raised in the US, and we teach English to those who have newly integrated into the US. These trainings are conducted in collaboration with our partner institutions and organizations, with a comprehensive agenda covering various aspects of language learning, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

In addition to language learning, we also provide basic computer learning courses. These courses help participants learn essential computer skills such as writing emails, web browsing, navigating MS Word documents, and using various Windows applications.

These courses aim to equip participants with the language and computer skills needed to communicate effectively and navigate the digital world. If you have any specific questions or would like to participate in these courses, please feel free to contact us.

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